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Comments And Notes On New England’s (3-0) Start Sans Tom Brady

September 23, 2016

Imagine the person who took 8 to 1 odds that the Patriots would win their first four games, the games to be played without their great quarterback, Tom Brady.

That person will be a reasonably big (how big, will depend on manifestations from New England’s next opponent, the Buffalo Bills,’ tilt vs the Arizona Cardinals, this Sunday), favorite to cash the bet, as I will say “N.E.” will be at least a six point, home favorite vs the Bills next week.

Of course, based on what were the odds in New England’s wins in the first three games and my projected odds for the upcoming home game vs Buffalo, the person taking the Pats to win in effect a 4 team parlay, by letting the previous week’s winnings “ride,” would secure at least a 13 to 1 payout, should “N.E.” prevail next week.

Thus far, and people can read into it what they want, (my obvious take is that both Belichick and Brady are true football greats and that would be the case, no matter the result in these 4 games), but other than the truly out of whack opening night line of N.E. as a near 10 point underdog, winning as respective 6 plus and 1 point, home favorites, while nice, is not all that great.

As far as great, I did not need seeing Mr. Belichick winning 3 games sans Brady, to acknowledge his greatness. That was determined long before these past 3 games.



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