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Dodgers/Yankees, L.A. Rams/49ers On The Same Day Part 1

September 12, 2016

Twice before tonight, each time with part of it, glorious daytime World Series play, there have been days when the Dodgers played the Yankees and the Los Angeles Rams faced the San Francisco 49ers.

Now again as the L.A. Rams, they left for St. Louis in 1995, and in their first game as such, in S.F. tonight, with regular season, but meaningful Dodgers at Yankees baseball also on tonight’s slate, I decided to research if this ever happened.

As stated above it happened twice before, the S.F. 49ers and Yankees winning both times, and in the Yankees’ case, en route to World Series wins vs the Brooklyn Dodgers.

The first time was on October 4, 1953 and that day a Gordy Soltau short field goal was decisive as the 49ers beat the L.A. Rams (31-30).

That day the Yankees beat the Dodgers in Brooklyn (11-7) to take a (3-2) series lead back to Yankee Stadium for game 6.

In game six,Alfred “Billy” Martin’s 12th hit of that World Series scored Hank Bauer with the World Series winning run, the last Dodgers’ W.S. loss, before John Podres led them to their lone Brooklyn title in 1955.




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