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Yankees/Dodgers, 49ers/L.A. Rams Same Day Part 2

September 12, 2016

The second of the two times before tonight there were Yankees vs Dodgers and 49ers vs L.A. Rams games on the same day was on Sunday afternoon October 7, 1956.

Later in the day, the 49ers won (33-30) vs the Rams but in the far more important World Series game 4, the Yankees squared the ’56 Fall Classic at two games apiece routing the Dodgers (13-3), coincidentally the same 10 run margin of victory the Yankees had in another Sunday, home World Series game victory in an eventual World Series win that broke me emotionally, (12-2), vs the L.A. Dodgers 22 years later.

As was the case in the other same day as a 49ers/Rams tilt scenario, the Yankees’ game 5 win on Sunday October 4, 1953, the great Mickey Mantle of the Yankees hit his second home run of that W.S. in the game 4 ,1956 victory.

In the next day’s pivotal (every time I refer or hear of a pivotal game in a best of 7 series, I think about Steve Levy calling the decisive 7th game of an NHL playoff series “pivotal”–his bank account is not only NOT debited, but grows at a staggering level) 5th game, Don Larsen pitched the only World Series no hit game ever, a perfect game, on Monday October 8th (for the record Levy’s mistaken use of the word “pivotal” was in reference to a Monday decisive 7th game).

Closing on a more positive note than all things/Steve Levy, as was the case in the 49ers’ win vs the L.A. Rams in 1953, Gordy Soltau played a big part in the S.F. victory, booting 4 field goals.



On a Monday AFTERNOON, about a month shy of 60 years ago today, also a Monday on which the Dodgers will visit the Yankees, albeit in a night regular season game, Don Larsen uncorked the pitch, pictured above.

Batter Dale Mitchell did not swing and umpire Babe Pinelli, in his last game as a home plate umpire, called strike 3 and Larsen had achieved, what has not been duplicated since, a no-hitter (A Perfect Game!) in a World Series game.


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