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Super Bowl Redux Notes

September 9, 2016

As stated in yesterday’s post, the Minnesota Vikings gained a small piece of revenge by winning their Supe 4 redux vs the Kansas City Chiefs at “Minne,” in the 1970 season opener.

Last night, the defending Supe champions and 3 point underdog Denver Broncos, denied the Carolina Panthers even that bit of solace, winning (21-20) in a “bah-bah bah” game, in which the over/under total winner is questionable.

After losing to the Vikings in their 1970 season opener, the Chiefs annihilated the Baltimore Colts, in just the second game of the ABC Monday Night Football package, which enters its 47th season, with a rarity, a fine network announcer, Sean McDonough, in 3 days.

The Colts under “Easy Rider,” low key coach, (not an uptight, power hungry one, as are so many), Don McCafferty went on to win the 5th Supe.

Neither of the Supe 4 participants has even led in a Super Bowl game since that fourth one.

The Chiefs victorious in that one have not made one since that January, 1970 game, while the Vikings lost three subsequent Supes and have never led in any of their 4 Super Bowl appearances.




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