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NFC West Corresponding Baseball

September 9, 2016

The Rams are back in Los Angeles and the two cities from the NFC West with corresponding baseball tournament contenders are the Dodgers and Giants.

It is a return, save the fact that another Dodgers/Giants race (there have been many including classic ones, on each United States coast as once both teams played in Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York respectively) is marred by the fact that the presence of the bogus wild card could save the team that does not win the N.L. West.

The Rams’ counterpart Dodgers have a decent N.L. West lead and probably will win the division.

San Francisco’s 49ers’ corresponding Giants are in an all out battle with the St. Louis Cardinals, whom they host for 4 likely big games next week, and the New York Mets for the two wild card berths.

Arizona (Cardinals) will have no local baseball tournament action as the Diamondbacks, whose 2001 World Series win denied a Joe (Torre) a chance to match another (McCarthy), with a 4th straight managed W.S. win, are out of contention.

The NFC West Seahawks’ corresponding Mariners are still alive for tournament qualification but are considerable long shots.



Among the “Bay Area sports questions,” will the Giants cross the bridge into the baseball playoffs?

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