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U.S. Men’s Hoop Team, AKA The “No Cover Originals,” At least Thus Far (But Far Enough To Have That Truck In Reverse But Alas …)

August 11, 2016

Oh if Joe Green, a friend among a gang of thieves and “roto rooters” (i.e. people who like other people, especially me to fail), albeit one, as with all of us, nowhere near perfect, was alive to see this U.S. Men’s basketball (1-6) record vs the spread.

I am not saying it, not even in saying, he would have said it!!

What I will and continue to say, is that having this men’s team with NBA players dismantle teams from other countries is a disgrace. There is no competition except with the “number.” (i.e. the point spread).

Speaking of numbers, U.S. team coach Mike Krzyzewski (another safe bet is I had to look up the spelling of his name,) trails only John Wooden in national titles.

That is an achievement, doing this Olympic massacre thing is not. That is my not so humble opinion.



Giuseppe Verdi, the brilliant opera composer, pictured above. “Joe Green” if you will.

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