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Silver The Latest And Eventually The Most Blatant, Greedy Commissioner Of All And That Takes Some Doing

June 14, 2016

A great player, but not a “Mount Rushmore” player as he thinks (he is), LeBron James and emerging star, Kyrie Irving each scored 41 points as the Cleveland Cavaliers stayed in the NBA title series with a double digit win against the home team, defending champion, record breaking Golden State Warriors in game 5.

Those characteristics such as record breaking, also the fact Golden State emerged from the far better conference mean nothing to mercenary Adam Silver. He suspended Draymond Green for the home tilt last night, making the Cavaliers’ chances for victory so much greater.

Cleveland deserves credit for winning, but it is a horrible circumstance (Green being suspended) and it keeps alive, the possibility of the Cavaliers winning one of the cheapest sports’ titles in a long time.

James gets far too much criticism for losses and infinitely too much praise for wins.

He has chosen his team TWICE in a 5 man sport, in which one player, especially one as great as James, can make so much difference.

Additionally, he chose to play or continue to play, calculating his team’s prospects, in a truly weak entity, that virtually assured finals entry.

Mark my words with this Silver, the appropriate name smacking of MONEY, Nate Silver and odds, (and) though William Jennings Bryan was for the silver standard, fighting the likes of Silver, who will or already has campaigned for legal gambling on NBA tilts, leaves those of us with true standards, hanging on symbolic crosses, be them Silver, gold or simply made of all our tears.



Concerning gold, I think of the greedy “Pieman,” making a great living, taking advantage of other’s misfortune.

Regarding Silver, Adam recounts not “original sin,” but the far worse sin of greed, with it the manipulation that becomes inherent in such treachery.

Then again the man on this country’s 20 dollar bill, Andrew Jackson, a former United States President, “slaughtered” multitudes of people, Natives on this continent.

My “tears” from that and other such disappointing horrors makes for a long, sad, “trail.”

Think about it!!!



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