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Warriors Hope To Repeat The 1967 Record Breaking 76ers Game 6 Road Title Clincher

June 14, 2016

As usual there is historical precedent in the unexpected (not all that much) failure of the record breaking Warriors to clinch the NBA title, at home in game 5 last night.

In fact, the Warriors were on the other side of the coin in 1967 and hope for the same result of that series, namely the record breaking team winning the title, on the road in game 6.

In 1967, a truly great Philadelphia 76ers team led by Wilton Norman Chamberlain won a then record 68 games and led the Warriors, known as the San Francisco Warriors at that time, 3 games to 1, and surely most felt, would clinch the series at home in game 5, on national television.

That was not the case and though the 76ers won in game 6 at S.F. , the first of two Wilt led record breaking titles, sadly his only 2 NBA titles,  the game was not on national television and played late in the night at least in the eastern part of the country. For some reason, Wilt’s other record breaking season title clincher with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1972 though TV’d nationally,as not preserved. The glorious last 8 minutes or so of that tilt was by all accounts, lost to us.

So maybe these record breaking Warriors will do what the record breaking 1966-1967 76ers did, namely win the title on the road in game 6.

I strongly suggest that the Warriors do so because though I have knocked LeBron James here and stand by it to the extent he is not the greatest player ever, nor even that close, he is a truly great player, clearly capable of leading a game 7 win, even on the road.

Get it done Thursday Warriors, be like the Pittsburgh Penguins and make both series Home, Home, Home, Road, Road, and Road.

Also if it happens, and though I believe the perception it will go 7 helps Golden State, this will not be easy, the Warriors will have clinched all 3 of their Bay Area titles on the road and have other than the Penguins the most such clinchers sans a home clincher.



The 1966-1967 Philadelphia 76ers pictured above.

Ringo Starr: It Don’t Come Easy (Starr, 1971)


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