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NHL Western Conference Final Update: St. Louis Blues Get Even

May 22, 2016

Troy Brouwer and Kyle Brodziak scored two goals apiece and a change to goaltender Jake Allen helped, as the St. Louis Blues squared their NHL semi-final series with the Sharks, by “doubling” them (6-3) in game 4 at San Jose.

Each franchise is as much as even in an NHL semi-final series for just the second time, in this the 45th season since the six expansion teams played in an entity (the NHL West), whose winner got to play the sacrificial lamb to an established team in the NHL finals from (1968-1970).

On all three occasions that team was the Blues, whose finals game record is/was (0-12). Only in 1986 since that time, were the Blues as much as (2-2) in a semi. They lost that series in 7 games, to the Calgary Flames.

Only in 2004, after the road team won the first four games were the Sharks as good as (2-2), after 4 games of an NHL semi-final series.

Their opponent and the eventual series winner was also the Calgary Flames. Then the Sharks had the pivotal 5th game at home, now it is in St. Louis on Monday night.

Both years, the aforementioned 1986 and 2004, the Flames were beaten in the NHL finals.

In 1986 they lost to the Montreal Canadiens, whom the Flames beat in 1989 for their only title. Then in 2004 they were beaten by the Tampa Bay Lightning, a current NHL semi-finalist also in a (2-2) “semi,” in their case for the fourth time in as many “semis.”

The Sharks, who lost their first 5 NHL semi-final series home games, are (2-7) in such games.




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