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Remembering The Incredible Patty Duke

March 31, 2016

Few people matched the intensity and caring of the great actress Patty Duke, who sadly passed away two days ago, far too young at the age of 69.

Patty played both Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker” (Anne Bancroft was Helen’s teacher, Anne Sullivan) and Anne Sullivan (Melissa Gilbert played the role of Helen Keller).

Not that awards are needed to affirm great performances, but Ms. Duke did win the Academy Award for her role as Helen Keller, in “The Miracle Worker” at the age of 16.

My favorite Patty Duke role was in “My Sweet Charlie,” along with Al Freeman Jr.

Ms. Duke had bipolar disorder and worked so hard to inform and help those with mental illness. She was far ahead in both her timing and compassion.

Of course her dual role playing cousins, “Patty and Cathy Lane” on the Patty Duke Show is an unforgettable memory for many like me of a certain age.

Heaven received a 5 foot package of incredible talent, caring and energy when Patty arrived, perhaps to a place bright and of light, where the blind Helen Keller can see, speak to thank Patty and maybe even sing the catchy “Patty Duke Show” theme song. One can hope any way.



Patty Duke (pictured) above in so many good ways.



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