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“Greatness In The Shadows” About Larry Doby At The Bergino Clubhouse

March 29, 2016

It was a jam packed crowd at the fabulous Bergino Clubhouse (67 East 11th Street) to hear author Douglas M. Branson speak about his book, “Greatness In The Shadows,” which is about the life of Larry Doby.

As always, Bergino Clubhouse proprietor Jay Goldberg set a great tone introducing the event.

Mr Branson  then spoke about the relative little publicity Larry Doby gets for being the first black player in the American League and a good deal of what that entails.

I look forward to reading the book, as I would in any case having met and greatly admired the classy Mr. Doby, but even more so after hearing some of the stories Mr. Branson has uncovered.

“Greatness in the Shadows” will be a great read and again Bergino Clubhouse, with so much to offer in the way of baseball nostalgia and real hospitality, courtesy of Mr. Goldberg, is a definite must for baseball fans.

Greatness in the Shadows: Larry Doby and the Integration of …

Click above for information and how to purchase the book.

Visit the Bergino Clubhouse here.

Greatness in the Shadows cover


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