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NFL Predictions

November 28, 2015

What follows are predictions on three NFL games this weekend. Some perhaps incendiary comments as well? Remember the golden rule and giving my opinion does not violate it.

Maybe God,/ G-d,/ the force does not like and certainly does not need the players to always praise him/her/it, in and around sporting events. This is also the case with the military as it is “rammed down our throats” really at most times but especially during sports events in the last 14 years.( I wonder why)?

In a rare good piece by anybody involved with ESPN, Howard Bryant does a good job of explaining the military publicity’s great financial cost to the fans (who else!).

(3-7) San Diego Chargers’ quarterback Phillip Rivers, he and his team an unbelievable disappointment this year and other years, is a religious zealot, often inflicting his beliefs (he is entitled to the beliefs, not necessarily a big public stage on which to espouse them)) on us. This week he and “S.D.” will play well as 5 point underdogs at Jacksonville, vs the Jaguars.

“God/G-d, /It” gets a list from one of “his/her/its” assistants on unusual things happening, on perhaps insignificant earth.

Maybe the “force” noticing that Jacksonville is a 5 point favorite vs Rivers and S.D. says he will “pass,” but I say Jacksonville by only a field goal.

Elsewhere, leave it to the woeful, not the “real” Browns to beat the team that once was the Browns, the Baltimore Ravens, twice in a season when neither team is going anywhere near “north” in the AFC North standings. Browns 17 Ravens 13.

Finally though I think the Kansas City Chiefs will not only win this week, but also make the playoffs, it will be tough vs the Buffalo Bills.

In a redux of the 1966 AFL Title game, in this the 50th football season inclusive, Chiefs 19 Bills 15.

Bryant: Paid patriotism costs fans in more ways than one

Click above for Howard Bryant’s piece in ESPN The Magazine.

Me, promoting ESPN, certainly evidence, say, “exhibit j,” for those arguing God exists.


You know what they say regarding opinions. Here is one on which many will agree.

The Chiefs’ huddle shown above with quarterback Len Dawson facing his offensive unit is pretty darn good.


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