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Comments on the Carolina Panthers and “enduring” Mike Francesa

November 27, 2015

In one sense “following” the NFL is similar to school in that you better keep up or fall behind.

a difference is that there is no extra help unless one can endure WFAN radio’s Mike Francesa’s chalk rants. He “knows” what is going to happen. If you do not think so just ask him. Endure listening to him and go against his “certainties” that being akin to an hour of extra help from a great teacher in school.

The Packers were to win consecutive Thursday night games and take control of the NFC North.

Next Francesa had them threatening to be the NFC two seed and even hinted at the one seed before allowing they were three and a half games behind the Carolina Panthers and that would be difficult.

Of course after yesterday’s results which included the Chicago Bears outright victory at Green Bay and the (11-0) Carolina Panthers rout of the Francesa picked Dallas Cowboys, the Panthers are now four and a half games ahead of Green Bay and two and a half games ahead of anyone in the race for the NFC one seed.


The Carolina Panthers, a logo pictured above, are likely on their way to a first ever NFC one seed.




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