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Calling Bob Shantz

November 29, 2015

Want to hear a good story about a great guy, who happened to be a tremendous major league pitcher.

His name is Bob Shantz and I had met him some years back and his number was in my phone. Why I did not call him as he was so kind during our brief interview and so rich in baseball lore and accomplishment, blame on the all powerful inertia. Also call it my “fault.”

So something intervened and of all the numbers to dial by mistake, it was Bobby Shantz’ number.

Now I do not just hang up on anybody and certainly not Bob Shantz. Of course as Bob’s courteous wife was calling Bob to the phone, I am thinking where is a tape recorder or something to record this.

In this case with this ever so gracious individual (you are all waiting for me to remark on his incredible 1952 season, well there will be a part 2) I can remember the words and put the baseball on the back burner for now.

He still plays golf, I hope his knee is better and I told him to enjoy their new kitchen.

I did recall to Bob something else he had told me regarding that remarkable 1952 season.

I promise to add to my time with this gracious and modest affable man, who trust me knew how to pitch!


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