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The Four 1985 LCS Teams Lead Their 1/8 Divisions

August 26, 2015

Thirty years ago in the 1985 baseball post season, four division winners qualified and met in two different league championship series.

In the American League, the Kansas Royals met the Toronto Blue Jays while in the National League, the St. Louis Cardinals took on the L.A. Dodgers.

Do not look now, but thirty years later, those teams lead their divisions and if they hold on to the lead and win in separate division series, would meet in the league championship series.

While the Jays and Dodgers have slim leads, the Royals will win their division and the Cardinals very likely will win theirs.

Thirty years ago the Royals and Cardinals each sans home advantage won their LCS and met in the I 70 World Series won by the Royals in 7 games.

Certainly there is a long way to go, but 1985 scenarios are popping up including the race in the AL East again between the Blue Jays and Yankees. However it is for a 1/8 and not a 1/4 division and also unlike 1985, there is a wild card presence.


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