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NBA Finals Notes

June 15, 2015

Stephen Curry scored 37 points as the Golden State Warriors pulled away in the fourth quarter and defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers (104-91) in game five to take a three games to two lead in the NBA finals.

The Warriors, who had a splendid (67-15) record though playing in the far tougher NBA Western Conference were nearly 10 point favorites in game 5 and are four point plus favorites, as they bid for their first NBA title in 40 years in game six Tuesday night in Cleveland, a city sans a major sports league title for 51 years.

The Cavaliers, though they finished with but a (53-29) record in the far weaker NBA East deserve credit in this series. This is especially true concerning LeBron James, who thrice in the series has scored 40 or more points and once tallied 39.

In six previous Warriors finals and one previous Cavaliers’ final series, only twice (1948 and 1967) was the title not clinched in the first possible opportunity.

The one in 1967 was a sad failure to do so for Wilt Chamberlain and certainly his fans, one of whom was me. Wilt’s Philadelphia 76ers failed to clinch the title in a nationally televised Sunday afternoon game 5, up 3 games to 1 vs the then San Francisco Warriors.

Philadelphia did win the title in game six but as I recall the game was in San Francisco the following Wednesday night, a late start in the eastern United States and was not televised nationally. Thus so many Wilt fans, including me, missed it.

For the record, an organization now defunct, the Baltimore Bullets, clinched the title in its second opportunity in game six vs the then Philadelphia Warriors in 1948.

All three Warriors’ titles, (in and as Philadelphia in 1947 and 1956 and as Golden State in 1975) were clinched in the first opportunity to do so, something the Warriors hope to accomplish again tomorrow night.

Click here to watch a rare video about the 1967 Philadelphia 76ers

Wilt Chamberlain in 1967

Wilt Chamberlain in 1967

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