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Movie Review: “Magic in the Moonlight”

July 24, 2014

I hope that I never take Woody Allen’s greatness as a filmmaker for granted.
New films by this comedic genius will someday cease, but let’s hope that day is in the far distant future. Let’s not worry about the inevitable–for now, let’s just enjoy his work.

I went to an advance screening of Woody’s new movie, “Magic in the Moonlight,” and I can’t wait to see it again!

“Magic in the Moonlight” is a film worth seeing at least twice: because it is a great film, and also because there is some mystery that might be uncovered, when seeing it again.

Woody’s usual great jokes, the musical score, his relatively new staple of European scenic beauty (that I like) and a stellar cast, are all part of the package.

Colin Firth, so good in “The King’s Speech,” sparkles as “Stanley,” who sets out to debunk a “spiritual fortune teller,” only to ride the waves of personal discovery, with cynical, but uplifting vigor.

Emma Stone is engaging as the “spiritualist.” There is a great supporting cast, which includes Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden as “Sophie’s” mother and Eileen Atkins as Stanley’s “Aunt Vanessa.”

I hope to see it again soon, a testament to the production and especially the one and only Woody Allen.

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