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Theatre Review: “A Dish for the Gods”

September 28, 2013

Recently I saw a truly gripping, excellent play called ” A Dish  for the Gods.” The words for the play’s title come from “Anthony and Cleopatra” (also Julius Caesar), both written by William Shakespeare, and refer to the queen’s beauty and overall appeal.

Those great qualities are certainly in Margot White, who stars as writer Julia Richards. Ms. White gives a strong performance having just the right intonation for Victor L. Cahn’s words about a writer, her career and one true romantic love.

She is a sight to behold and a presence from the time she enters from the back of the theatre (“Always look to the back” Robert Shaw’s “Lonnegan” says to Robert Redford’s “Kelly,” really “Johnny Hooker,” in “The Sting”) to start the play. She is riveting as Julia–A Dish for the Gods–even in what is supposed to be an old suit.

The great love interest appearing in flashbacks is “Greg,” played more than ably by Kevin Cristaldi. His brooding, suffering teacher/aspiring writer character eventually finds his way. Cristaldi captures his essence through his good and bad times.

“A Dish for the Gods” is directed by Adam Fitzgerald and runs through October 5th at Lion Theatre. The location is 410 West 42nd Street.  Click for Tickets, more info

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