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Mistakes Can Be “Shocking”

August 26, 2013

The Fox Sports site, in reporting on a WNBA game between the Sparks and Shock referred to the Shock as the Detroit Shock.

The Shock, who lost a heartbreaker in two overtimes at Los Angeles vs the Sparks last night, are near the end of their fourth season as the Tulsa Shock and not the Detroit Shock.

Somehow this mistake in reporting comes as no “shock” to me.

I checked again and they have corrected their mistake. The mistake was there as of 1 PM eastern time and I am noting it.

Also worth noting, was the thrilling game referenced above that the favored and second place Sparks won in 2 overtimes vs the last place (6th) Shock.

L.A. trailed by 19 points in the fourth quarter. Quarters are 10 minutes long in the WNBA. Perhaps we will devote some coverage to the WNBA playoffs.

This despite the fact they will coincide with the baseball stretch run and playoffs as well as the start of regular season football.

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