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“Broadway on Broadway” 20th Anniversary

September 12, 2012

A  fantastic celebration of “Broadway on Broadway’s” 20th anniversary was held in Duffy Square on Sunday September 9th. I am so glad that I attended both because it was a rousing musical festival with songs from myriad Broadway shows and it got me out and away from the first full day of the vastly over exposed NFL.

The event was hosted by Kathie Lee Gifford (alas I loved the NFL when her husband Frank played and later did commentary on NFL games on CBS.) Now Kathie Lee’s numerous plugs for her upcoming show “Scandalous” are tame compared to the Sunday, Monday, Thursday NFL hype. Ms.Gifford kept a great pace introducing the numerous show songs. By the way, the preview number for “Scandalous” was fantastic. The event was introduced and “announced /voice over’d” by Valerie Smaldone. Her mellifluous tone was on display. Ms. Smaldone is attractive, pleasant (I talked with her after the show) and extremely talented. I saw her interview Tommy James (I believe a show about him is coming to Broadway) and it was most revealing.

The featured attraction was the music of many big time Broadway shows with cast members doing a number or in some cases, two numbers. Among the shows that had numbers with cast members performing were “Chicago,” “Newsies,” “Once,” and “Stomp.” A preview of the upcoming “Motown: The Musical” gave us 2 songs, I wish there were ten. I am really looking forward to seeing that show. It was quite a day as the sun was shining, the music was pumped out and the performers were sensational.

Finally, noting that the one and only Ed Asner came on stage to announce some of the great shows that are coming to Broadway in the new season. Included are David Mamet plays and Asner cracked “David Mamet you’ve heard of him.” Of course, most people there have seen and thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Mamet’s work. I look forward to anything Mr. Mamet does. Mr. Asner is rehearsing for “Grace” with a cast that includes Paul Rudd. Broadway; much there and even more ahead.

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