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National League Review

August 20, 2012

This is our first baseball week in review and playoffs update. It is not like the good days of no wild card teams, in fact there are two in each league now, but it is baseball. Once I would have said that loud and clear as James Earl Jones did with his booming voice as a character in “Field of Dreams.” Now even though I know every World Series result by heart and had unmatched intensity for this once great action, I still say “it is baseball” but in hushed and significantly less reverential tones.

The Reds managed by Dusty Baker, whom I first called at the NY hotel 40 years ago looking to speak with Ralph Garr, lead their division by six and a half games. I spoke with Baker this year and told him I liked his team and  that they had a great chance to be in post season. The rest I said is a “crapshoot” and he agreed. The Reds in all likelihood, will be in the playoffs, probably as either the NL 1 or 2 seed.

It is still the Washington Nationals in their division, (up five games on the Atlanta Braves, against whom they play next, in a 3 game series) and even though they could win it all without Stephen Strasburg, what are the odds with him and what are the odds without him? As stated in our August 14th post, it has been 79 years since a Washington D.C. team was in the baseball post season and now they decide not to use a top pitcher when they get there. What would Walter Johnson say? I say abandon hope all ye who want bills passed or sense made regarding the fans or for that matter, the people. This selfish decision epitomizes the bottom line greed, big business that makes its capital in Washington D.C.  That said, the Nationals will be in post season and do not rule them out. I did not think they would win it their first time in the playoffs–but this is not basketball and it surely could be done. Odds say less likely without a top pitcher, who incredibly was not hurt but shut down due to an innings pitched restriction.

No NL west indication, save to say the winner will likely be the 3 seed in the tournament. It is a tournament now. Right now the Los Angeles Dodgers have a half game lead over the San Francisco Giants (those long time rivals clash next, also in a 3 game series).

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