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Mediocre Record Titles

February 7, 2012

Rare editorial comments: but certainly they are backed by facts. The Baseball wild card St. Louis Cardinals and the Football 9-7 NY Football Giants won the biggest US Sports Titles this season with among the most exciting playoff runs ever by a pair of champions. They also were teams with less than stellar regular season performances.

These two glorious franchises in their sport repeated a feat they accomplished 77 years ago in 1934. Surely each team deserves its Title, having won it on the field of play, but each rolled a very ” lucky 7 ” as well.

I am a bit upset that great Giants Quarterback Y.A. Tittle failed to ” Title, ” losing in 3 consecutive Title games from 1961-1963, with certainly better records in all 3 than the last 2 Giants’ Title teams which had respectively 10-6 and 9-7 records. (The latter is the worst regular season record ever for an NFL champion.)

Andy B

Y.A. Tittle

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