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Florida Panthers Win The First 2 “Quarters” Games In Toronto

May 5, 2023

Certainly the more intense NHL playoffs frustration “resides” in Toronto, as the home team Maple Leafs have not “titled” or made the final round since winning a 4th crown in 6 seasons in same calendar 19677.

Last Saturday night, by virtue of their third OT win at Tampa, they 6’d the classy Lightning, who had made 3 straight final rounds and five since ’04, winning it all in ’04,’20 and ’21, to win their first ‘offs series since ’04, ending an 11 series loss skein. Additionally they ended an 11 game losing streak in potential series clinching games.

Surely they preferred the Florida Panthers as a quarterfinal round opponent, but at least through 2 games, each a home Tor loss, the bromide “be careful what you wish for has manifested.”

The Panthers a franchise not only in a questionable business situation are also seeped in ‘offs failure.

“Fla” had won just their second ‘offs series since winning 3, before being swept by the Colorado Avalanche in the ’96 final (the same night Fla 7’d top ranked Boston, Seattle now (1-1) vs Joe Pavelski and Dallas did the same to the defending champion ‘Lanche, who also won the 2001 title) when they beat the record breaking, top ranked Bruins.

The opening game of the “quarter” was in Toronto, on Tuesday May 2nd, the exact 56 year “ann” of the Leafs’ (3-1) home game 6 win vs the two time champion Montreal Canadiens, that gave them their last title.

Florida won that game (4-2), won again, this time (3-2) in #2 to lead (2-0) with #3 in Florida on Sunday.

The Panthers, who may face a team from an area that has a same name NFL team, (the Carolina–their NFL team is the Panthers— Hurricanes “opened” the Devils. The former had won a home #7 and their round of 16 series vs the Rangers after losing the first two games at home), in the “semis,” have won 5 straight games, 4 on the road. They are (5-1), with 5 straight such wins, on the road in these ‘offs and (1-2) at home.

I referenced a great, veteran player, Joe Pavelski above. He had 4 goals for his Dallas Stars in a game 1 loss to second year team Seattle (Kraken) in their “quarter” opener and a goal in the Stars’ series squaring win last night.

Incredibly, the night after Pavelski tallied 4 times in a loss for his team, Edmonton (Oilers) star player Leon Draisaitl did the same as Las Vegas (Golden Knights) won at home (6-4) in their opener.


Speaking of series opening games, truly sad news is that Petr Klima, pictured above, who scored to end the longest NHL final game, the Oilers’ 1990 game 1 win at Boston, died far too young at the age of 57. 

There are ends, there are games, there are notes, there are people whose dreams wither “like a raisin in the sun,” yet we must try. (Ode to Superman talking to his split version.)


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