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NBA Update: The Lakers/LeBron Loom

May 3, 2023

The (43-39) Los Angeles Lakers, who “play in’d, in a no cover of eventual 8 seed Minne to become the Western Conference “7” seed, surely loom in a bid for a record breaking 18th title. (That is if you count the 5 they won in the above referenced “Minne”apolis.

After “6’ing” the second seed Memphis Grizzlies, whose player “poked the bear” daring to criticize the so great but I will say it at least once more, not near the greatest, now Lakers’ (third time he jumped teams) player LeBron James, L.A. went to defending champion only (44-38) themselves, Golden State (Warriors) and won the quarterfinal opening game.

Anthony Davis, at least as important to L.A. as James (of course it will be an unbearable but in many ways deserving barrage of accolades for Leb if he , as he sensed, pulls this off. Of course there is a long way to go, but from the start just as I did not see the NHL ‘Lanche, I did not see Golden State, which won #’s 5 and 7 at Sacramento to advance to the quarters repeating. The hope likely is Denver (Nuggets) a team that has never made the NBA final, losing 4 times in the semis, thrice/3 times, to the Lakers. Yet the networks and Silver, who contributed mightily to a LeBron Cleveland crown in ’16, would not want Denver–ergo L.A. and alas in the East, other issues abound!), had 30 points and 22 rebounds and guilty of “LeBron this/LeBron that,” I note James’ teams are now (8-15) in ‘offs games vs Golden State and last night was the first time in 5 series opening games, they emerged victorious.

Quickly-the above referenced Nuggets (1-3) in previous ‘offs series vs Phoenix, lead them (2-0) but they are (5-0) in these ‘offs at home. In Eastern Conference play, both the Philly Sixers, who lead the still, pretty big plurality favorites to title (if they do, they also would get #18 (Bailey Howell/Dave Cowens) to go by 17 (John Havlicek) Boston Celtics (1-0) and the Miami Heat, who won then lost in the first two of their “quarter” at New York’s Madison Square Garden vs the Knicks,

Neither the Heat or 76ers, each just (2-0) (thus room?) have lost at home and seemingly every team does/will.

Oh the Lakers, impressive in 3 home wins vs Memphis, #6 the series clincher a 40 point rout also have not lost at home giving the Warriors (19-0) in Western Conference ‘offs series under Steve Kerr, much or just some hope.


Ray Allen 161208-A-HE359-046 (31482070191).jpg

That is Ray Allen, (you figure out why), pictured above.

I must take care of things more important than this stuff.

Also a search for Allen yielded (wanted the sign, but do not know how) a business, which is what all of this is, with never a better example of what I consider so negative, being LeBron James, his “brand” and all that goes with it. 

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