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Only Set “Quarter” Is Nuggets/Suns

April 26, 2023

Six of the 16, round of 16 NBA and NHL playoff series are through 5 games, the other ten have completed four.

Only (bad one coming up) one team, was 10-4’d as in “over and out,” in 4 straight games (told you it was bad) while two ended in 5 games, yielding the first of the 8 “quarters” matchups, as the top 2 Western Conference “odds” choices, the “1” seed Denver Nuggets and “4” seed Phoenix Suns, will meet in that round for the second time in 3 seasons/2 years.

Both Denver and Phoenix won home 5th games with just the third and fourth “win/no covers” of these ‘offs, dispatching the Minne Timberwolves and L.A. Clippers respectively.

Phoenix which opened a 7 to 5 series “fave” (Denver is -2 plus in #1 on Saturday, however Phoenix is just plus 160 to win the West, while Denver is plus 330, just ahead of defending champion Golden State and the “Leb League” Lakers. For the record, Sacramento though (2-2) with Golden State in the current round and with home advantage is 20 to 1, while Memphis with “home adv,” but trailing L.A. (3-1), is 40 to 1), swept the Nuggets in the 2021 “quarters.”

Denver has never made an NBA final, while the Suns lost in 6 games, in all 3 of their final round appearances.

In ’76 the last ABA season, both the Nuggets, who had home advantage and the Suns, who did not, were 6’d in the final round, by the New York Nets and Boston Celtics respectively.


Walter Davis, pictured above in 1987 was a star player for the Suns.

Research yielded the fact that the #30 on the uniform was in memory of Suns’ player, Nick Vanos, who died in a plane crash.

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