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Home Losses Abound In The NHL’ Offs, “Halfway There” In The NBA And It Is So Early

April 24, 2023

Very few teams in either the NBA or NHL have gone unbeaten at home in the playoffs, in say the last 50 plus seasons.

Already in the NHL playoffs, where but 28 games have been played (Monday through Sunday, 4 each day, mostly at night), an incredible 15 of the 16 ‘offs teams have lost at home.

Only the East “2” seed, and “div” winning, Carolina Hurricanes, who won the first two at home and yesterday #4 at the Islanders (looks as though after a great run of 4 straight titles (’80-’83), it will be a streak of ten times that many seasons sans a title and 39 without a final round appearance for the Isles), are (2-0) at home.

All the other teams, including the top ranked Boston Bruins, the only other (3-1) series leader have lost at least once at home.

In the NBA, where it is much less likely to secure a road win, half of the 16 ‘offs teams have lost at home.

Another Boston team, (as with the Bruins “plurality” faves to title), the Celtics, who lead the Atlanta Hawks (3-1), their almost certain “quarters” opponent, the 76ers (it would, almost can say “will” would George? –be a 22nd series clash between the rivals), a third Atlantic “div” team, the Knicks and West top seed, Denver are the only “(2-0) at home,” NBA teams.

The Sixers swept the Brooklyn Nets while the Knicks and Nuggets have (3-1) series leads vs the Cleveland Cavaliers and Minnesota Timberwolves respectively.

Elsewhere, both the defending champion but 6 seed, Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings are (2-0) at home. How

However, they are playing each other.

Lower seeded L.A. (Lakers vs Memphis) and Miami (Heat vs heavily favored, top ranked Milwaukee), the 2020 final round opponents in a series/season that culminated in “a Bubble” and is another “cheap” James, the so called “King,” crown. Again he is a great player, but nowhere near the greatest) are (1-0) at home and have (2-1) prelims leads.


Joe Torre Winter Meetings.jpg

Joe Torre, pictured above, guided the Yankees to an (8-0) road post-season record and the ’96 title. 


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