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“This G*D Damn House” Is Really Outstanding

March 27, 2023

Busses and subways with delays, could not take away the fact I saw, admired and derived pleasure from the outstanding production of “This G*D Damn House.” (Playing at the Chain Theatre, 312 West 36th Street through April 8th).

It was poignant, definitely relatable to many, even most and certainly to both my friend and me.

Written by the talented, via Scotland/Florida and New York, “triple threat,” Matthew McLachlin, the play sizzles with emotions that brilliantly stagger in time, before being fully revealed. That made great drama.

The director is Ella Jane New, who among other works, brought us the provocative “MACBITCHES.” 

There is a superb five person cast in ” This G*D Damn House,” that includes Kirk Gostkowski, he being so outstanding in the so relevant and magnificent “Garbageman.”

Sachi Parker, playing “Angie,” the “complicated,” hoarder mother is magnificent. She looks like her great performer mother, Shirley MacLaine, additionally evoking great memories with some similar, seriously good “acting chops.”

Again the whole cast is magnificent. Gabriel Rysdahl, Rice de Ocampo and Christina Perry all give inspiring performances.

I highly recommend seeing “This G*D Damn House,” presented by The Chain Theatre.

The presentation moved me and thoughts of it kept me moving and alert, as I sojourned back home.

Click below for more information, including that involving tickets purchase. › this-gd-damn-houseThis G*d Damn House — Chain Theatre




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