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3 “First Timers” And (-125 To “Take A/The/Their 5TH) U.Conn To National “Semis”

March 27, 2023

Three teams, all from either southern Florida (Florida Atlantic and Miami) or southern California (San Diego State) are in their first national “semi,” joining Connecticut, which is (-125) to “take” a 5th crown.

On Saturday, Florida Atlantic won (plus2) by 3 vs Kansas State followed by 2 plus point(s) “fave,” U.Conn ripping Gonzaga.

Yesterday a Trammell (no San Diego team has ever won a major crown, the Chargers won the ’63 AFL such while it was the Tigers’ Alan Trammell, who was World Series MVP, in one of two S.D. Padres W.S. losses, that in 1984),  San Diego State’s Darrion, who “split the pair,” (ode to the great broadcaster Joe Tait) making the second, tied at 56, with one second plus remaining, getting S.D. State to the national semis, having opened (-2) vs Florida Atlantic.

In the pre 60 Minutes, last “quarter,” 4 point underdog, Miami Florida came back to sink Texas. 


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