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Eventually, The ‘Offs–Until Then, Not Much

March 6, 2023

I suppose the Boston Bruins’ great record of (49-8 and 103 points is worth noting. Upon ‘review” it certainly is. 

They will almost certainly win The President’s Trophy. Last season, the Colorado Avalanche won both the relatively meaningless President’s Trophy and the real goal (pun if it is, intended as you need to score goals), the Stanley Cup. 

However, there have not been too many recent examples of a team winning both of those. 

A word on the Canadiens of ’76-’77 and the fact they won it all 4 straight seasons. Right now the Bruins are not close to as good and very likely never will be. 

Look it up, as Montreal in 2 straight seasons went (24-3) in the “what counts” playoffs and “titled” in ’76 and ’77.

Boston will not come anywhere near that feat and if they do, I will admit the error of my statement. 



Click above for highlights of the Canadiens’ game 4 win at Boston, vs a good Bruins’ team, to sweep the ’77 final.

Jacques Lemaire had both Montreal goals in the (2-1) overtime, Saturday night clinching game.

The great Danny Gallivan is the play by play broadcaster with Dick Irvin providing commentary.

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