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More Title Tilt Notes

January 28, 2023

Tomorrow’s second straight season Bengals at Chiefs, A.F.C. Title Game represents the only two Cincy vs K.C. ‘offs action in any major sports league.

In ’76, the great Reds had won the NLCS and after another great, George Brett had hit a 3RHR off Grant Jackson (among others we lost Grant Jackson, the winning pitcher in #7/1979 World Series within the last year) to tie the decisive 5th game of the K.C. Royals/Yankees ALCS and it was tied (6-6) B9 in New York.

Bottles were thrown and Mark Littell’s (we lost Mr. LIttell within the last year and good hitting, excellent pitcher, Gary Peters in the last few days) first “throw”/pitch was hit for a pennant winning home run by Chris Chambliss. Thus there was no KC vs Cincy post-season play until last year’s title tilt.

A Cincy/K.C. sports link is the fact that the NBA Cincinnati Royals moved to K.C./Omaha and became the Kansas City Omaha Kings.

They now reside in Sacramento and I have 1/200 on them winning their “div.” I wish I could hedge, but how?

Alas, I was second out of 426 (pretty darn good) in an NFL Handicapping Contest, however, I know that I know “nada.”

Please either do not bet or do so carefully. Perhaps, somewhat talented me, does so, too carefully, but realize the pain of losing is far greater than any “high” from winning.

The Niners are the 8th different NFC Title tilt opponent for the Eagles in that many such games. Any other such situations that are even close. If you do the research, write in and let us know.


Chris Chambliss Yankees.jpg

Chris Chambliss, who delivered so many big hits for the Yankees, is pictured above.

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