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SF/Philly ‘offs Notes

January 26, 2023

The only previous Niners/Eagles post-season game was a 1996 season/wild card round game, resulting in a San Francisco (49ers) victory.

Green Bay, en route to its first title in 29 years, “slotted” out the Niners in a “div” round game, the following week.

In 2010, the one previous SF/Philly “semi” manifested in the Giants, en route to a first title in 56 years, just under double the years Green Bay waited, (56 also being the #, at which, SF’er Joe DiMaggio’s great hitting streak ended and of course the streak “Stephen Bishop’s” i.e. “goes on and on”) beating the Philadelphia Phillies, who were seeking a third straight pennant, in a 6 game NLCS/baseball “semi.”

The lone SF/Phil final was in 1967, when a great Philadelphia 76ers basketball team, 6’d the then San Francisco Warriors, giving the Sixers’ great player, Wilt Chamberlain, the first of two NBA titles.

All 3 previous SF/Phil ‘offs clashes were followed or resulted in, the team winning such, being its league champion (1 each baseball, football and basketball).

The Sixers won a final, the Packers followed their win over the Niners with two more and the crown, while the Giants 5’d the Texas Rangers in the subsequent World Series.

I note the manager, Bruce Bochy, who guided the Giants to that 2010 World Series win vs Texas and two subsequent, consecutive, “even year” crowns, now manages the Texas Rangers.


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