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“Pie” Had A Brady And Bet A Grand; Tommy Getting “Nicked By Time”

January 18, 2023

Honestly I “knew” The Pie’s TB/TB Supe future was going down, having written but not posted such, stating it would happen,  if not in the “Joe Bucker” vs Dallas, then at “Tarnished (but not all that much) Tommy’s” boyhood, SF 49ers team.

I take a backseat to nobody in my praise of Tom Brady’s on field performance/record/legacy in his 23 season career which hopefully ended on a bad note, his T.B. Bucs losing (31-14) to dangerous Dallas (now plus 3 and a half in the second ever Dall/SF “slots” game, the other, a Slot 2 classic, in which Dallas staged an incredible comeback to win, a fact unfairly overshadowed by the hype given Pittsburgh’s such, earlier that December 23rd, 50 years ago).

Hey Tom, fellow “Bay Area Great,” another, as with Brady to be on any “short list” of all time sports greats, which better be headed by one George Herman “Babe” (ode to Hoffman’s in “Marathon Man and it is “safe” to call Babe the greatest–he “bleepin” pitched great and saved baseball!!), Ruth—Joe DiMaggio and his great New York Yankees’ teams went (37-14) in post-season games, all World Series/final round games.

Brady’s (35-13) mark in all post season games, (7-3) in final entities/Supes is a better win percentage. Consider that Tom and please retire.

Of course nobody but me realized that the key play 98 yard fumble recovery touchdown scored by Cincy’s Sam “H”ubbard evokes the fact a/THE NFL pioneer, George “H”alas did such in a “reg” game now nearly 98 years ago.

I repeat that fact, having cited it yesterday, in noting Jim Thorpe (see his 1912 Olympiad performance) is so often shamefully overlooked in the greatest sports figures discussion.

Thus, I do not think Mr. Thorpe would mind me pointing out it was his fumble that Mr. “Papa Bear” Halas returned those coincidental 98 yards for a score, (nearly) 98 years ago in 1925.

Click below to view Paul McCartney and Wings perform “Junior’s Farm.” The relevant line opens the song and is repeated say 3 plus minutes later.



A black-and-white photograph of Jim Thorpe in his Canton Bulldogs football jersey.

The great Jim Thorpe, pictured as a member of the Canton Bulldogs, above.


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