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“H’s” Especially I Opine Slow Down The “H”ellish “H”amlin “H”ype

January 17, 2023

It is the middle of the night and this guy’s “fun” (ode to Cyndy Lauper and Lou Albano, the latter in the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” video) is recalling the past of his “mistress”/sports, while avoiding the current game, awaiting the score via phone audio, early yesterday, the day we hopefully remember both Reverend and Dr. Martin Luther King.

It is Slot 2 in the first year of such entities (1970), ahead (3-0) with about 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter, the Cowboys great for 2 seasons, Duane Thomas, is denied TD on a 4th down play by the Detroit Lions, in particular, I believe Paul Naumoff.

In either order, Mr. Gifford (this one Frank, I wonder regarding another’s vintage car as 1929 or 1939) and another Frank, that one Gleiber, would respectively say (Gifford) “we are down to the short strokes in this one” and that huck Hughes was entering the game for the Lions.

Evoking “Meat Loaf,” in a far different context/situation– “stop right there!!”

Chuck Hughes, whose phenomenal catch in a traditional (at Detroit) November Thursday game helped propel the Lions to their first ‘offs appearance since what is still the last year they played for the NFL crown, when they won it all in 1957, unfortunately essentially died on the field, the only such terrible instance in NFL annals.

Below I will show Dick Butkus, (referenced by Gifford, as at least in the discussion, in reporting that another middle linebacker great, and then Detroit coach, Joe Schmidt had called “Det’s” Mike Lucci as the league’s best at that position) who waved for help that fateful October 24, 1971 at Tiger Stadium, juxtaposing the ridiculous/hype/publicity afforded Damar Hamlin’s “fall” (thank goodness he is OK, but the hype, oh the hype!) and the so little regarding Mr. Hughes, who again, by the way did have his life end.

Shifting into results but still vs, NOT Hamlin, but again, the hype, which will be exponential, as the slot 3/Jim Nantz tilt is a redux of 15 days back but in Buffalo, the homestanding Bills for whom Hamlin played, a 4 point “fave” vs the Cincinnati Bengals.

Though Damar Hamlin is a 5 letter/6 letter name (somehow 11’s!) it was he and NOT Jesus Christ, who fell backwards 15 days ago.


The interview/segment with the great player, Dick Butkus but surely without any disrespect, around 4 minutes in, he cites the difference in publicity regarding Hamlin falling and Hughes dying.

Speaking of the Bears and I doubt seriously Tirico or his staffers “miked” the fact that the key play (Sam “H”ubbard’s 98 yard fumble recovery TD, “Balti” QB-  Tyler “H”untley fumbled) in the Bengals’ no cover/bad for the books  (the tilt opened 6 plus and closed 8 plus, also in the 5 of 6 “overs” weekend the total “fell” as well (not well for the books, one would suppose) win that yields “B”engals/”B”ills and the “Hellish/”H”amlin “H”ype was reminiscent of a/THE NFL pioneer, so much Bears that he is “Papa Bear,” George Halas doing same in a “reg” game, namely going 98 yards for a fumble recovery touchdown, now you guessed it, nearly 98 years ago, in 1925. 

More H’s and results either later today and certainly this week. 





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