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NFC Update

December 21, 2022

Believe me, I am aware of two more important, depressing developments that I will address (at least one), in the days ahead.

Evoking Karen and The Carpenters, “for now this is my (not song-though as in the relevant to me, “Goodbye to Love” it applies to a life sans it) post.”

Philadelphia (Eagles) sporting a so impressive (13-1) record has a magic number of 1 to clinch the NFC top seed. As usual, day short/unaware me, even though aware that if Philly (opened pk, to Plil -1, up to Dallas -6 now 4 half as Hurts is hurt, but who knows status) beats Dallas they get a “mo” (of Cheeks, the same calendar ’83 Sixers title and I will stop the tangents with that) of no meaningful action.

Being succinct, I did not “jump” on Dallas say “Pk,” thinking they would win as Philly may be better off if that would occur. (Past history in such situations available for researchers).

Both S.F. (49ers) and the Minne Vikings clinched div crowns and almost certain 2 or 3 seeds (I believe Minne leads by a fraction game for the “2”) with non Sunday game wins.

(10-4) SF covered, but in an “all tease” vs (7-7) Seattle (Seahawks) Thursday night tilt, while Minne “scored” the NFL’s greatest game comeback, winning down (33-0) by a (39-36) count as a 4 point or so “fave” in a (3rd generation, also follow not the $ but perhaps the “Jobe”) Noah Eagle/NFL Network, first of 3 this past Saturday.

Do not attempt with the horizontal, vertical or the last paragraph, a license plate as I scrambled for parking in oh so “crowded Cross County shopping Center,” clearly had “NOAH” as its last 4 letters.

Elsewhere, despite a disgraceful, especially for a “div” leader, (6-8) T.B. still leads the other three (5-9) teams in the woeful NFC South.

Dallas, already having clinched an ‘offs spot, so likely will be a wild card team, pretty likely as the “5” and a visitor/fave vs Brady and T.B. in one of three NFC wild card round games.

Meanwhile the (8-5-1) N.Y. Giants have a magic # of 2 vs (7-6-1) Washington and a pair of (7-7) teams, Detroit (Lions), and Seattle (Seahawks) to secure an ‘offs berth. They need to do so “vs” 2 of the 3 cited teams to do so.


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