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Lionel Messi And Argentina “Title” = or close to Praise For Kylian Mbappe And 2018 Winner, France

December 19, 2022

Argentina won its first World Cup title since the late, great Diego Maradona led them to the ’86 crown, as another great, Lionel Messi had 2 goals and success in the “gimmick” penalty kicks “round,” that so unfairly decided a once in 4 years, so coveted, international title.

Messi, who finally won a title and I suppose gets to shed all the overblown talk about not having won one (I still get a bit too rattled by titles, citing the fact we as teenagers did not go “all the way” in another, far more important “department–dare I say “compartment” (I hope the first syllable is clear as “com”/calm,) as a reason I /we obsessed over being #1), was brilliant in the final game, as was Kylian Mbappe, the latter joining Geoff Hurst as the only 3 goal scorers in a World Cup final match.

The fact these two greats “dueled” not “in the dust,” but in clutch excellence, is a big positive I take away from a World Cup final and in fact, entire tournament, I did not watch.

What is the opposite and the opposite of his name is Fox play by play person, John Strong. 

He used elongated pronunciations of the goal scorers without indicating a goal had been scored.


Geoff Hurst (2).jpg

As stated, I have great regard for the performances of greats, Lionel Messi and Mr. Brappe, evoking fellow greats John Havlicek and Kareem Abdul Jabbar “dueling” in a classic #6 ’74 NBA final.

Since I can not choose between them, it is the great Geoff Hurst, the other 3 goal scorer in a World Cup final match, that for victorious England in 1966, who is pictured above.

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