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An Excellent”Candida” Performance Plus More Regarding George Bernard Shaw =’s A “Sum” That Helps In These ? Times

November 21, 2022

On a cold New York day of bus and subway transportation, walking and the ever present loneliness, a performance of “Candida,” with its excellent cast, so well directed by David Staller gave and gives me insight if not hope in these rather trying times.

Clearly Mr. Staller, whose brilliant well written program notes were read after the production has brought the great Mr. Shaw’s work, insight and humanitarian efforts to light.

That truly inspires me and Mr. Shaw who  “asked why not,” “put his money where his mouth was,” and helped others.

The performance, the setting, humor, pathos and Shaw’s intent to help those whose rung was for no good reason considered less came across so well.

Cast members were R.J. Foster, Peter Romano, David Ryan Smith, Avanthika Srinivasan, Avery Whitted, and Amber Reauchean Williams.

Click below for more information about “Candida,” and The Gingold Theatrical Group.


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