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None “Covered,” Two Needed Last Play FG’s, However, The 4 Unbeatens Remained So, Two— Ohio State And Michigan Clash Next

November 20, 2022

While none of the 4 unbeaten teams “covered,” or even came close to doing so and two, T.C.U. and Michigan needed last play field goals to “survive,” they all won in what was an incredible penultimate week of the college “pig” “reg.”

Ohio State trailed at the half and won (43-30) (-27) vs Maryland, while top ranked, defending champion, Georgia a huge “fave,” was never in danger, but only won by 10 points, (16-6) at Kentucky.

Meanwhile, while (10-1) USC, a 2 point favorite, won (48-45) vs U.C.L.A. to keep their now increased ‘offs qualification hopes alive, a pair of 10 to 1 payout, meaning 15 to 1 or so, legitimate odds “dogs,” Georgia Tech (next week’s Georgia opponent) and South Carolina “barked” outright, vs now 2 loss teams, North Carolina and Tennessee respectively.

More as the week progresses. I think Georgia is almost certainly in while the Mich/Ohio State winner is very likely (that winner will be a big “fave” in the Big Ten title tilt and may not even have to win that game) in, TCU is probably going to make it and will with 2 wins.

If there are three (13-0) teams, which is the maximum, as Michigan and Ohio State clash next week, would it be a 1 loss USC, a 1 loss Mich/Ohio State losing team or a 2 loss LSU team as the 4th ‘offs team if that scenario manifests?


Even if somehow the truly unlikely happens and USC “titles” the clash yesterday will not be in the same stratosphere of title implications importance as the tilt between USC and UCLA in 1967.

However, last night’s game was certainly important, entertaining and did have ‘offs qualifications implications.

In ’67 a (21-20) win by USC, with Orenthal James Simpson’s 64 yard TD run shown above and Rikki Aldridge’s subsequent extra point decisive, was the key to their mythical title. 

Last night (21-20) manifested as the UCLA lead at the half. 

On Simpson’s classic TD run, Chris Schenkel is on play by play and the great college coach Bud Wilkinson adds commentary. 





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