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NFL Update

November 15, 2022

50 years after a team (the ’72 Miami Dolphins) went unbeaten, for a 49th time in the subsequent 50 seasons, no team will go through the “reg” (regular season) unbeaten.

After (5-5) “Wash” handed (8-1) Philly their first loss, it is the Eagles title winners 5 years ago as were the Astros, by a fraction of a game, over the (8-1) Minnesota Vikings, who hope to replicate a “61-61” of sorts accomplished by Aaron Judge last month, namely win their first “title” 61 years after their first season, which was in 1961.

While the ’19 champion, ’20 runners up and ’21 AFC runners up, the (7-2) K.C. Chiefs lead the AFC, the (7-3) Dolphins, these 50 years later, lead the tight AFC East with a pair of (6-3) teams, the Bills, who have lost 2 straight close games and surprising Jets just a fraction of a game behind.

Also in the AFC, another pair of (6-3) teams, the Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans have respective one and two plus game “div” leads.

Back in the NFC, the team that derailed that unbeaten regular season team (the ’07 Patriots), doing so to title in the Supe, (more deserving, better record Y.A. Tittle teams never did “title”), the New York Giants are (7-2) while Dallas (Cowboys) are (6-3) in the tough NFC East.

“Minne,” if nothing else, would SEEM to have a “div” title all but wrapped up as Green Bay’s (4-6) record is the next best in the NFC North.

Do not look now, but 2 straight T.B. wins and 2 straight losses by both Atlanta and New Orleans has “T.B.” and “T.B.” even at (5-5) ahead in its “div.” 

Alas T.B. is Tom BRADY, the presumptive next Fox NFL lead analyst to replace the “evoking the “Bunch” in this time of no “BUNdchen” for Tom, Greg Olsen. “Greg” was a “Bunch” character and Olsen (Susan) was a cast member.

After that I still “drop in” Sea is (6-4), SF (5-4), Arizona (4-6) and the lucky to win one last year, as his Rams benefitted from a holding call that more than any one play decided last year’s Supe, Matthew Stafford and his “pizza/pizza” Rams are (3-6). 


refer to caption

Write in with a reason or two in addition to his greatness in a better if not more popular time for pro “pig,” Roger Staubach is pictured above.

Think slot 3 ’75 and the Dallas road game opponent in that game.



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