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College Football Update

November 13, 2022

Three more ‘offs qualification related weeks remain in college “pig,” with 4 unbeaten teams, two very likely, another having won as a TD underdog to highly increase their chances and even a 4th, as one at least will have at least one loss, might still make the 4 team playoff.

At the top, is defending champion and top ranked Georgia, which as is the case with the other 3 unbeatens, Ohio State, T.C.U. and Michigan stands at (10-0) with 2 “regs” and in their case an SEC title clash with current (8-2) L.S.U. ahead. Barring the un foreseen, Georgia will be in the ‘off for a second straight year and a third time in the last 6. They failed to qualify for the first three playoffs held from (2014-2016).

The team that “barked” outright as a 7 point underdog, doing so in an ABC/Fowler tilt was T.C.U. It was their defense that stood out in a (17-10) win in Austin vs Texas University.

On 11-26-2022, likely to both be (11-0), Ohio State and Michigan clash in Columbus, which in the superb film,  ” The Manchurian Candidate,” Frank Sinatra’s character cites as (at least) “a good football town.”

The winner of that tilt will almost certainly be in the college ‘off and possibly the team that scores less points in the 11-26 tilt, will join them.


Stetson Bennett.png

Stetson Bennett, the excellent Georgia University quarterback, is pictured above.



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