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“Two Jews Talking” Is A Superb Show

November 8, 2022

It has to be osmosis, karma and certainly an homage to the impeccably timed, hilarious performances of Josh Mostel and Richard Masur in “Two Jews Talking” ( The Theatre at St. Clements 46th Street in New York City) that manifested in both me laughing out loud and remembering/telling a great joke, (two rarities in my history), from the incredibly well written show.

Starting there, regarding the writing, as the brilliant Ed. Weinberger helmed this masterpiece, in which Masur and Mostel performed with impeccable timing.

In the first of two scenes, they were “Lou” and “Bud,” evoking memories of greats Lou Costello and Bud Abbott, in rounding out Weinberger’s wit and seichel (beyond common sense, to battle some of life’s ridiculous and even tragic events) in a way that produced both great humor and pathos.

Dan Wackerman, who also had a friendly, live introduction, directed “Two Jews Talking,” which on a beautiful weather day of some tumult (the NYC Marathon, President Joe Biden speaking in my and Mr. Masur’s hometown of Yonkers/Bronxville) highlighted a personal big plus.

Mr. Mostel,  is “looking forward to having his right hip replaced in January used a cane that belonged to his father in loving memory.” Josh is the son of the great Zero Mostel.

The above from the program, which I had not read before I had the great fortune to speak with Josh Mostel, as he waited for and tracked his imminent uber ride.

He is a kind man, who like his co star Mr. Masur, has performed so well, so often, in a distinguished career.

In a couple of references to his father Zero, who was a brave, truly good man, with exponential talent, I could feel the love and despite all that has happened and the fear of what might, I feel so grateful that Josh Mostel helped me think of my father.

Though I am not running inside to read the phonetic English of the Yizkor prayer, my father hoped others would recite, I think of him, the great memory of Zero playing on “The Fiddler on the Roof” album in better days, and salute Josh, one more time, for being the kind of son we all ought to aspire to be.

Click below for more on this great show including access to ticket purchases.

www.twojewstalking.comHOME |Two Jews, Talking, Off-Broadway, New York


Left to right, Josh Mostel and Richard Masur, each brilliant in “Two Jews Talking,” are pictured above.


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