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More World Series Notes

November 7, 2022

The added best 2of 3 round enabled both World Series qualifiers to end up with the same number of post-season wins, likely (have to? check it) for the first time in baseball annals.

Houston went (11-2) to claim the franchise’s second title tying them with 3 other expansion teams (the Mets, Royals and Marlins) and also with two more or less original teams the Phillies and Guardians nee Indians.

Philadelphia under Rob Thomson, who replaced Joe Girardi as manager, when the team struggled to a (22-29) start, went (11-6) in P.Season play, however, as was the case when another Thomson (Bobby) was an integral part of a pennant winner (the New York Giants in 1951), the team lost the World Series in 6 games, in the last road/home/home/road/road/home wins World Series before the just completed 2022 version.

There will be plenty more, for now this one—With the Phils denied a first title since 2008, the Yankees despite a record tying drought for them of only 1 pennant in 19 seasons (2004-2022, they had one pennant win from 1903-1921, there was no World Series in 1904 but again as the Highlanders the Yankees franchise, still the greatest achiever in major North American sports league annals and trust me they are not my team, were denied that pennant and hence just the franchise’s first of 40, that in 1921 for that “similar” 19 season span), still have a more recent title than 20 of the other 29 teams in big league baseball.

That (20-9) “record” evokes their World Series record of (20-9) after losing a second straight World Series in 1964. 

One more and again, nowhere near what Hamlet pondered but “to research or not to research?!”  One team other than the Yankees who clearly did so a number of times to do what the (2017-2022) Astros have done, namely win 4 A.L. pennants in 6 seasons and as is the case with the ‘Stros, go (2-2) in that year’s World Series are the 1966-1971 Baltimore Orioles. 

The ’66 Orioles title team was managed by the tremendous clutch player on 5 straight Yankees’ title teams from (’49-’53) Hank Bauer.

In the aforementioned same configuration 1951 World Series, Bauer starred in the last game with a 3 run triple that yielded a (4-1) Yankees’ lead in an eventual (4-3) title clinching Yankees’ win.

Bauer preserved that lead and series clinching win with a fine catch on a low line drive hit by Sal Yvars (his phone # ended 1951, a year he is famously, perhaps somewhat infamously, associated with).

I can name 3 title winning managers whose last names start with “B’ and contain 5 letters. Perhaps you can name more. Let me know.

Dusty Baker and Bruce Bochy, each to manage Texas teams in 2023 if Dusty returns as Champion Astros’ manager, join Bauer in that category. Bochy had 3 title wins with the Giants (2010, 2012 and 2014).


Hank Bauer 1953.jpg

Hank Bauer, who holds the World Series record of having hit safely in 17 such games, is pictured above.

Mr. Bauer gratefully acknowledged to me in one of the team dugouts at the ’85 World Series I “ABC’d” that Mr. Clemente would have broken his record if afforded another World Series opportunity.



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