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Ralph Macchio Is Quite Impressive

October 27, 2022

I thought highly of Ralph Macchio before seeing him interviewed by Josh Horowitz, Tuesday past at Symphony Space in New York City. My admiration and respect for Mr. Macchio has increased due to his “in perspective,” articulate, personable appearance I witnessed.

His book “Waxing On” sounds great, as he told Mr. Horowitz some of his many great stories involving his excellent body of work.

Most telling to me and my favorite Ralph Macchio performance was in “The Outsiders,” which was discussed. Directed by the great Francis Ford Coppola, who was rightfully praised, the movie was outstanding.

Ralph revealed that during his current book tour he was interviewed by “The Outsiders” author, S.E. Hinton in Tulsa, Oklahoma. That meant a lot to Ralph and it brings good feelings to me.

Mr. Macchio was impressive, having his career success in perspective and even offered “The Astros are good,” but stopped short of a prediction when I asked for one. He is a great sports fan.

Much more to the point, I felt good about Ralph as a person, who has achieved great success.


Ralph Macchio 2018.jpg

Ralph Macchio, pictured above.


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