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Philadelphia/Houston Post-Season Notes

October 26, 2022

The classic 1980 NLCS won by the Phillies in the maximum 5 games, vs the Astros, is not the only “semi” matching the sports teams from the two cities, Philadelphia and Houston, who of course are meeting in the 2022 World Series.

In a 1977 NBA “semi”/Eastern Conference Final (the Houston Rockets were in the NBA East at that point in time) the Philadelphia 76ers “6’d” the Houston Rockets only to lose in 6 to the Portland Trail Blazers in the subsequent NBA final. (#6 on the Sixers, Julius Erving was in his first Sixers’ season and in his first 6 seasons with Philly, the team and in many instances him, came up short, certainly of an NBA crown. In the 7th year, a savior named Moses arrived and led the team to a dominant NBA title).

Those are the only two Philly vs Houston post-season clashes, however, there are some nice links involving the two cities post-season and titles history.

In 1960, 6 (that # again) days apart, first on a Monday, the day after Christmas (then the NFL would not play on Christmas Day–not the case now–$$ (wish I had more, but some day none of that will matter) the Eagles won the NFL crown, (17-13) vs the Green Bay Packers, at home (Franklin Field), handing the great coach Vince Lombardi his lone ‘offs defeat followed by the Houston Oilers’ (24-16) New Year’s Day first ever AFL Title game win vs the then and now with most seasons as San Diego, Los Angeles Chargers.

Two great, already venerable quarterbacks Norm Van Brocklin of the Eagles and George Blanda of the Oilers, directed those victories.

Among other great football feats, Mr. Blanda is one of 8 NFL or AFL (only AFL) quarterback to throw 7 touchdown passes in a game.

Van Brocklin still holds the NFL record as he threw for 554 yards in a victory over the long defunct NFL team, the New York Yanks.

In both 1974 and 1975 each city won back to back hockey crowns.

Houston’s titles were won in the relatively obscure WHA (World Hockey Association) but are worth noting as the great, great Gord Howe was a member of those 2 title winning Houston Aeros teams.

The same years, the Philadelphia Flyers won NHL titles and have not “titled” since.

One more note: With Houston, Gordie Howe played with his sons Mark and Marty, the team winning crowns in ’74 and ’75. Mark born in 1955, not long after Gord’s last of 4 Red Wings’ titles and the team’s last in 42 years, (a drought that ended with a sweep of the Flyers), played on 2 Flyers’ teams that lost in NHL final round play.


refer to caption

In that ’60 AFL title tilt, Mr. Blanda threw 3 touchdown passes, one each to Dave Smith, Bill Groman and Billy Cannon, pictured above.

Cannon took a short toss from Blanda and went 88 yards altogether for a TD that put the Oilers up (24-16), the final score. 

Interesting, as the AFL had the two point conversion, (I am not second guessing, just noting) that after the gifted Paul Lowe scored for the Chargers, coach Sid (Gross called him “Zid”) Gillman went for 1 and not a potential game tying 2 point conversion. 

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