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“Chickens Came Home To Roost” In N.L.–

October 17, 2022

Malcom (X), regarding the bubbling injustice and subsequent tragic day in Dallas, Texas nearly 59 years ago when John F. Kennedy was killed, perhaps inappropriately, however, surely with grains and strains of undeniable truth, said that “the chickens have come home to roost.”

This is not in the same stratosphere as far as importance, but as with the enduring John F. Kennedy, baseball once was something to be proud of and hopeful, regarding this country. No longer! (regarding baseball).

It started in ’95 with the wild card presence and now in the first year of extra teams/extra rounds, the N.L. has a 5 seed vs 6 seed LCS.

The 111 wins Dodgers and 101 wins “div” and defending world champion, Braves each were (3-1’d) in the “div” series by “P” teams, the Padres and Phillies respectively (they start “sloshing” tomorrow night in S.Diego–as I typed Youmans said San Diego and Pauly Howard– tonight’s 5th Cleve at the Yankees is a decisive, not pivotal game, with the “P” Pads,” roughly 6 and a fraction to 5, series “faves.”

22 years after his last, Bob Costas is broadcasting his 12th full post-season series, one as stated above that has gone to a decisive 5th game, contested between the Cleveland Guardians (1-7, all of course as the Indians in decisive games) and New York Yankees (15-15 in such and few if any could do what I did, albeit with some struggle on the infinitely less glorious extra round ‘offs tilts, namely cite all 36 of the two teams decisive games. The reason it is 36 and not 38 games, is that the two teams split in a pair of decisive games, Cleve winning in ’97 and the Yankees doing so 20 years later. “Cleve” has a chance to win a series vs the Yankees on a Monday night as was the case 3 previous times, in wins 25 and 15 years ago, as well as in a loss, 5 years ago.).

Once assigned, the 9-11 #’s regarding a decisive game in a Costas full series, (9 of 11 had Not gone the distance) was to end.

The Yankees are (4-0) in “full Costas post-season series,” (16-5) in NBC Costas full series games and (6-1) in NBC Costas “drop in” games (his good phrase, also the Yankees won a # of Costas “drop in” MLB Network tilts)


20110625-0931 Edgar Rentería.jpg

The fine player, Edgar Renteria, pictured above, had the World Series winning/game ending hit for the wild card Florida Marlins vs Cleveland in one of the 7 franchise “decisive game” losses, that in #7/’97 World Series.

I can recall to you related Costas, Penas, Cleveland and other Renteria and for that matter, “Edgar notes.” 

As the great Jim Brown said to me when I asked if I could help his programs that are so helpful to troubled young people on my cable show, “I choose not to at this particular time.”

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