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Remembering The So Fantastic, Angela Lansbury

October 15, 2022

One of the greatest and quite near the last of those performers from a “Golden Age,” the fantastic performer Angela Lansbury, died days back at age 96, 5 days shy of birthday # 97.

I need not cite her many awards or the fact in this year Queen Elizabeth died, that Ms. Lansbury is Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury, however I just did, to attest to her greatness.

She had memorable roles in such classic films as “Gaslight,” “National Velvet,” and “The Picture of Dorian Gray.”

Among so many great roles on Broadway and yes I cite she won 6 Tony Awards, including one of lifetime achievement, was that of “Auntie Mame” in 1966’s “Mame.”

Ms./Dame Angela Lansbury was near, if not at the top of my father’s favorites and I recall walking after Sunday, likely USFL work with Lisa Liberty now McPartland and she looking forward to the great show, “Murder She Wrote,” in which Lansbury starred.

Alas on gambling ViSN’s “No Hyperbole,” Angela was recalled as Mike Palm simply said “60 Minutes followed by Murder She Wrote,” something we surely heard “Super” (the great Pat Summerall) say so many times as late game CBS “pig”/pro football ran on.

It was in ” The Manchurian Candidate,” now 60 years ago and yet so relevant, as recent events are not just recent but in eery fashion, so relevant, that the acting chops of Angela Lansbury shined brightest!

That unforgettable, brilliant performance and so many others made Angela Lansbury one of a kind. Bless and thank you, Angela, as you “march” on (ode to another Angela).


The great Angela Lansbury, pictured above.




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