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“2” More “2” Year Title Rematches This Week

October 13, 2022

There will be two more “2” year NFL or NFC title tilt rematches this week. Down the road there are “2” more and altogether the AFC/AFL yielded 6 of 6 and the NFC/NFL 5 of 8, thus 11 of 14 in “2”0″22.”

80 years after meeting in the 1942 NFL Title Game won by the Washington franchise (2 years earlier the “Chi” Bears won (73-0) at “Wash”) the (2-3) Bears host the (1-4) “Wash” team tonight.

On Sunday a redux of the 2012 NFC title clash, this one in the same locale, as the (2-3) but (5-0) vs the spread Atlanta Falcons host the (3-2) San Francisco 49ers.

The Niners 5 or so point(s) favorites this week won that ’12 title clash before losing to the Baltimore Ravens in the subsequent Super Bowl.

That Supe was a clash of brothers with Balti’s John Har”baugh” (still there) winning vs SF’s Jim Har”baugh,” who is in at Michigan, which faces Penn State in a battle of college unbeatens on Fox (there will be 4 baseball games Saturday, none on over the air television) starting at noon (can’t say I am “high” about this).

Finally early in the aforementioned (73-0) Chi win (they had the great quarterback, Sid Luckman, Wash had the also superb Sammy Baugh at that key position) a “Wash” player dropped a potential touchdown pass.

Baugh was asked after the tilt what the final score would have been had the early td been scored. He famously answered (73-7).

In the ’42 title tilt, Chi led (6-0).


Photo of Wilbur Moore

Wilbur Moore, pictured above, gathered in a Baugh TD pass, giving Washington the lead to stay in that ’42 title tilt. 

As was the case 8 years earlier vs the New York Giants, an undefeated Bears team lost in the NFL final/title game, in ’34 at the famed Polo Grounds and at Griffith Stadium, where the (73-0) game also took place in ’40, in ’42. 

Alas the only other time an NFL regular season unbeaten fell in its quest to “title” (all 3 were in the final) 42 is operative as in the 42nd Supe the Giants again spoiled an unbeaten, beating the (18-0) New England Patriots.




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