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Remembering Michael Callan

October 12, 2022

A truly gifted performer, who left an indelible impression on me and others, riding off as “Clay,” while kissing Jane’s (Fonda) title character as 1965’s “Cat Ballou,” happily ended, Michael Callan– died days back at age 88.

Mr. Callan was the original “Riff” in West Side Story on Broadway and had a great role on an episode of “Murder She Wrote.”

He was one of those good guys, but Mary had to stay single, on the fabulous Mary Tyler Moore Show, opposite its beautiful star.

It is with another “crush,” (somehow my arm is not around her in a photo I have but she has been so nice each time I interviewed her or met)) the inimitable Jane Fonda, and his kissing her, riding off as “Cat Ballou” ends, that I remember so fond(a)ly. 

Add Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye (the spelling makes a difference, as juxtaposed with a nightmare and no “e”) sing.

It was so different, a sunny day, in same calendar as ’22–’66,  my parents, my grandmother, Michael Santasieri together,seeing “Cat Ballou.”

Soon after Dad’s car radio informed Tony Cloninger, a pitcher, had hit two grand slam home runs in the same game!

Never again,  but a great memory!

Perhaps now Michael Callan rides off and I wish him only the best, adding my thanks for contributing mightily to that great time.



Left to right, Jane Fonda and Michael Callan, pictured above. 


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