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Tiebreaker Presence/Baseball Sinks Lower

September 29, 2022

The seemingly so important National League “2” seed (on paper it is, as it is a “chit” for a 2 of 3 series bye and home advantage vs a non Dodgers opponent in the also not necessary, $$, 28th year best of 5 “quarters”/division series–this opposed to having to play a 2 of 3 and then if surviving, meet the Dodgers, sans home advantage) could be decided and already is greatly affected by the fact a tiebreaker (based on regular season head to head play and favoring the Mets vs the Braves) is the method the “2,” will be determined if NY and ATL finish with the same 162 game(s) record.

If you do not see the absurdity/sell out to TV/the many many playoff games, then I will …….

Baseball, it did not help you, Aaron Judge can hit 80 home runs and you can put every team in the playoffs and you will never have what you had with real pennant races.

By the way with a week to go, only one ‘offs spot, albeit in a 3 team battle for 2 spots is open, so again your selling out the fans who recall ’51, ’62, ’67, and ’78 among so many others, did not get you what you want. Your LCS/semi in one league will not be telecast over the air.

Judge, who hit #61 last night to pass Babe and tie Roger, I predict, will hit #62 on Saturday October 1, 2022. Roger hit #61 to pass Babe on Sunday October 1, 1961. Babe hit #60 to pass Babe on Friday September 30, 1927.


Hank Greenberg 1946.jpg

The great Hank Greenberg, pictured above, bid to break Mr. Ruth’s record and ended the 1938 season with 58 home runs. 

Hank and Jimmie Foxx, another great, are tied for the most A.L. homers in a season by a non Yankees player. 



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