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“Our Man in Santiago” Is Superb

September 27, 2022

“Our Man in Santiago,” written by Mark Wilding and playing at AMT Theater (354 West 45th Street) is a superb work.

It made me laugh out loud, which is not an easy thing to accomplish.

Directed by Charlie Mount and with a great cast of 5 characters, the play is set in Santiago, Chile in 1973. The true story involving duly elected Salvador Allende is the backround and believe me, pathos and real life questions certainly manifest. See for yourself, but see this superb production.

The cast members are Prisciliana Esparolini, Nick McDow Musleh, George Tovar and as R.M. (Richard) Nixon and Henry Kissinger respectively, Steve Nevil and Michael Van Duzer. 

Again this involves a heavy duty topic and having amassed much introspection on all it entails but more because this production was superb, I was drawn to happy thoughts and the appreciation of having been fortunate to see “Our Man in Santiago.”

I close citing parts involving two of the CIA agents as well as “Nixon” and “Kissinger” that hysterically and brilliantly weaves Coke (the soft drink), Pepsi and say intrigue. It was fantastic!!




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