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Ajla Tamljanovic Advanced

September 3, 2022

Last night, Ajla Tamljanovic advanced to the round of 16, in the women’s U.S. Open Tournament.

She will face Gill Alexander backed (somehow this guy and others similar get great lines, in this case 8:1 just to make the semis. Samsonova is only 8 to 5 to make the semis and is an over 2 to 1 “fave” vs Tamljanovic) Ludmilla Samsanova in that round.

Hopefully, unlike Brady, Ser Williams will keep her word and retire, falling short (so help me as I typed, “fell short” was said on NPR and soon after “stocks fell”) of the record for women’s so called “Grand Slam” tournament wins.

Again I paid, Beano would have truly chastised me, as Williams, to her credit won as an underdog, before losing as a fave. Beano told me over and over again, “you have to be willing to lose.”

So many times I paid and Williams lost as a fave, (she did not win another such tournament once I started anti-ing).

Sure, I wonder why I would do this, however when she/Williams referred to herself as third person Serena, at least a reason to dislike her manifests (what an ego she has, alas many sports great have such).


I firmly stand vs the hype, which led by S.A. Smith and the  monolith, ESPN, was by any standard, beyond excessive, triggering such emotions in those of us who dislike Williams and really can not stand the hype.


Ludmilla Samsonova, pictured above.

You have to trust me and this can almost be verified. As I continued, essentially “venting,” the NPR Weekend Edition in its local phase was to look back at Williams career. Of course, as is my right, I will shut it off.

However, before I do the next piece involves a reporter named Steven (Spelling?) Smith, evoking the dreaded, aforementioned S.A. Smith. 

G-d is trying to tell me something and I will try to move forward and away from this. 

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